October 14, 1991

Return to Business

Bob --

I'm not sure how the Peace Corps vehicle made it back up this abysmal road. It has deteriorated a lot since I last came up it, alternating between nasty rocks and giant mud holes. Anyway, I'm back home in Kamakwie, and I'm realizing how much I enjoy it here. I had to get out to realize it, but my site is everything I could have ever hoped it could be.

Rob got an okay from Administration to pursue funding for he and I to facilitate construction of 98 pit latrines. We'll be busy. His selling slogan: "We're so full of shit in Kamakwie, we've got to have a place to put it all."

I bought a pig (pregnant) so me and another guy can start a piggery. I'm also working on some farming and mining projects. Now if school starts, it sure could throw a kink into the works! Anyway, I'm busy and learning a lot.