January 20, 1992

Post-Holiday Blues


Well, it's probably been more than a month since I word processed that last letter to you. It if makes any difference, I'll note that that was the last letter I've written since I finally got back into the swing of things yesterday with some letters to family. Lot of excuses, I guess. The holidays and two trips to Freetown really threw me out of my routine. Further, since my return from Freetown 10 days ago I've been kind down in the dumps. Nothing real bad, but enough that the last thing I wanted to do was attack the stack of Christmas cards and letters on my table. Made a pretty good haul on Christmas greetings -- I guess not being able to answer back quickly can be kind of depressing. Anyway, I'm slowly starting to wade through them.

I'll keep adding to this letter, since it'll be a couple days before the mail truck comes.